Back in 2013 when we were just starting out, an acquaintance of ours in Korea sent us a (now sadly defunct) video link of a national tournament, in which some enormous fencer in unmarked gear was mauling the bejeesus out of Kim Junghwan. “Who the heck is that?” we asked. “He is high school student! … More Flash

Keep it simple.

1389 AD, Germany: everything is done in the nearest and shortest, simplest and most direct way, as if the cut or thrust of the fencer is guided by a wire pulling on the point or edge of the sword, straight to the openings of the opponent. In this way, the fencer makes their attack in … More Keep it simple.

No Excuses

Conversation with Veniamin Reshetnikov, 2013 World Champion: J: “So how was your flight?” V: “Not so bad. I fly a lot – Novosibirsk to Moscow every weekend, 4 hours flight, 4 hours time zone” J: “That’s insane.” V: “It’s not so bad. When I was small, we could not afford flight so had to go … More No Excuses