Kids’ Classes


Sabre is a great sport for kids of all ages

Sabre fencing is a unique way for kids to build fitness, focus, confidence and leadership. It combines elements of discipline-based individual martial arts with collaborative group training. We work hard to make sure our junior fencers form cohesive and friendly squads where everyone improves together, whether they are playing for fun or want to achieve competitive excellence.

You can read an in-depth guide to our kids’ training program on our blog.

School Holiday Workshops

We run full-day training camps every school holidays. Pricing is $75 per day, or $350 for five days, including all equipment. Sessions run from 9am to 5pm.

2019 camp dates are:

    • Summer: January 14-18
    • Autumn: April 15-18
    • Winter: July 8-12
    • Spring:
      • All levels camp: September 30-October 4
      • Tactical camp: October 7-10
      • Mask painting workshop: October 11
    • Christmas: December 18-20

Total beginners are welcome!

You can book online below for complete camps.

If you want to book for individual days, that’s also fine: you’ll have to visit our MindBody site, where you can choose the days you want.

How our classes work

Our kids’ classes are designed to be a fun, supportive way to learn core movement skills, fencing rules and techniques by working with our professional instructors. Our training for different age groups uses customised games and equipment to make sure every student can learn crucial skills and enjoy each session.

We also encourage our students to act as mentors for their younger classmates to pass on their skills and experience and begin learning the basics of coaching: many of our assistant instructors are also members of our junior competitive team.

All equipment is provided, ranging from foam weapons to professional-grade safety and scoring gear.

If you’d like to watch a class, you’re very welcome to drop in during any session and have a chat with our instructors.

We have expanded our class timetable:

  • Ages 8-11 Saturday 10:30am
  • Ages 12-15:  Saturday 11:30am
  • All ages general class: Monday and Wednesday 5pm

Book a Class

The best way to join in sabre training at our club will depend on your age and experience level:

Getting started flow chart kids 2018 website.jpg

1. 6-8 years old: Private lessons

Younger fencers are welcome! Private lessons are the best way to start for 6 years and up. Private lessons are $50 for 30 minutes, or you can get a pack of 10 for $400.

Email or call Frances on 0421 460 713.

2. No or limited sabre experience, 8-15 years old

For kids aged 8-11: The first thing to do is visit us at 10:30 on a Saturday morning or 5pm on a Monday or Wednesday and jump straight in to our 8-11 kids’ class for an hour of games, footwork, technical skills and bouting. New kids join every week, so you’re welcome to join at any point in the year. Training for this age group uses a mix of both traditional equipment and lightweight foam and plastic gear.

For kids aged 12-15, come at 11:30am on a Saturday or 5pm on a Monday or Wednesday and jump in to our 12-15 kids’ class. There’s plenty of new fencers in the group as well as experienced competitors, so you’re welcome to join at any point in the year. Training involves a mix of games, technical exercises and matches, including full competition-grade scoring.

Casual sessions are $35 each including all equipment, or you can get a pack of 10 for $300, which can be used at your own pace.

Bookings are essential: register online, email or call Frances on 0421 460 713.

3. Experienced sabre fencers, up to 20 years old

max hartung lesson

Competitive Cadet and Junior fencers are encouraged to join a 12:30pm squad training session on Saturdays. The fencers in this group also take part in Adult competitive squads, footwork classes and private lessons.

Our squads are achieving consistent podium finishes at competitions of all levels locally and around the world, and we regularly arrange tours to tournaments around Australia, Asia and Europe to provide an opportunity for our athletes to expand their competitive experience.

We provide coaching advice and support for our competitive junior fencers at a number of state and national age-category events. Coaching support for additional events can also be arranged by request.

For more information or to join, email or call Frances on 0421 460 713.