Training for Kids


Sabre is a great sport for kids of all ages

Sabre fencing is a unique way for kids to build fitness, focus, confidence and leadership. It combines elements of discipline-based individual martial arts with collaborative group training.

We work hard to make sure our junior fencers form cohesive and friendly training groups where everyone improves and enjoys the game together, whether they are purely playing for fun or want to go out into the world and win stuff.

Kids Classes run during school terms. They are grouped by age and experience, with progression by seniority only, as follows:

Grade 1 (Children): Ages 8-9, up to 2 years experience.

Grade 2 (Kids): Ages 10-11, or 2 years experience.

Grade 3 (Teens): Ages 12-13, or 3 years experience.

Grade 4 (Youth): Age 14, or 4 years experience.

Grade 5 (Cadets): Age 15, or 5 years experience.

Students aged 16 and over should join the Adults Course.

You can read an in-depth guide to our kids’ training program on our blog.

When and How Much

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School Holiday Camps

We run full-day camps for kids aged 10-15 during school holidays.

You can find our upcoming camps listed on our booking site here.