All equipment can be hired for a nominal fee when you train with us, or you can use your own. Anything rated 350N or above is fine. John wrote a guide here.

We also offer a limited range of sabres, club merch and fencing equipment in store!

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We’re a small local store selling weird esoteric gear, most of which needs to be calibrated to you. So you should come visit and pick up in-store, even if you already know what you want. We might even be able to find you a better option, or find you an equivalent on special.

We ship across Australia and worldwide.

Custom Sabres

We like our sabres to be a certain way, so we build our own with components from Dynamo Fencing, Allstar, StM, Blaise Freres, and whoever else has something we thinks works well.

Basic weapons start from $130, high-end maraging weapons go to $300.

Personalised engraving is also available! See us in store to discuss.


Armoury Services

Broken gear are part of (sabre) life. Sydney Sabre provides a full range of armoury services in store. We even have a forge, an anvil, sewing equipment, power tools, Tolkien-esq dwarven craftsmen. Everything you need. Come see us in the armoury; just follow the clanging noises.

Leon Paul Gear

We’re the Australian agent for Leon Paul London. This means you can return your LP orders to us in Sydney and we can arrange replacements if we have them here, or be sent over from the main warehouse in London.

We’ve also got a limited stock of of uniforms, masks, lames, gloves, blades and more at any given time. Save on freight by coming and picking them up directly from us or getting it delivered from Sydney rather than from the mothership in London.

Please note that our local prices will be higher than those you see on the Leon Paul site, because they include GST and import taxes. But that might be more than offset by the shipping cost and the import charges for shipments over AUD$1000 from London, especially for bulky items such as bags and blades.

Come chat to us — we’re happy for you to order either way.