All equipment is included when you train with us.

We also offer a limited range of sabres, club merch and fencing equipment in store!

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Custom Sabres

We like our sabres to be a certain way, so we build our own with components from Dynamo Fencing, Allstar,  StM, Blaise Freres, and whoever else has something we thinks works well.

Basic weapons start from $90, high-end maraging weapons go to $300.

Personalised engraving is also available! See us in store to discuss the best options for you.



Broken weapons are part of life. Replace your blades easily in store!

Chinese S2000 – $35 out of stock, sorry 🙁

Dynamo S2000 – $49

StM Maraging – $150

BF Maraging – $200


Sydney Sabre T-shirts

Club T-shirts available in super practical dry-wick fabric! Subtle black and white logo or bold colour design options. Australian and International shipping available: contact us for pricing.

Sydney Sabre T-shirt – $35


Leon Paul Gear

We can order gear for you from Leon Paul and save you shipping fees. We make monthly bulk orders which you can join. Let us know what you want, pay the website price, and we’ll charge you your share of the freight costs when it arrives (which is usually a lot less than paying the courier fee for individual orders).

Talk to us in store to order.

We’re also the Australian returns agent for Leon Paul. This means we’ve got a random assortment of uniforms, masks, lames, gloves, blades and more in store which were shipped from the UK but turned out to be the wrong thing. Save on freight by coming and picking them up directly from us!

Stock listings will be updated monthly: contact us if you’re after something specific. Here’s what we’ve got right now:

(All items at price ex-shipping)


  • X-Change FIE Contour fit Epee mask Lge
  • X-Change FIE Contour fit Epee mask Lge – RED
  • FIE Traditional Epee Mask Med
  • Arena Traditional Epee mask Sml
  • Club Contour fit non electric mask Med
  • X-Change FIE Contour fit Foil mask Classic bib Lge
  • X-Change FIE Traditional Foil mask Classic bib Lge x 2
  • FIE Traditional Sabre mask Sml
  • X-Change Foil Lame Bib Lightweight
  • X-Change Sabre Bib
  • Ice Mask Padding
  • HEMA mask padding + Bib Lge


  • Lightweight Foil Lame Mens LH40
  • Lightweight Foil Lame Mens RH40
  • Lightweight Foil Lame Mens RH34
  • Traditional Foil Lame Mens RH36
  • Lightweight Foil Lame Junior RH36
  • Sabre lame Mens RH48
  • Sabre lame Womens RH46


  • Phoenix Womens Jacket RH34
  • Team FIE Womens Jacket RH34
  • Apex FIE Womens Jacket Long RH36
  • Team FIE Mens Jacket RH34
  • FIE Plastron Womens Sml


  • Phoenix Junior Breeches RH28
  • Phoenix Junior Breeches RH30
  • Team FIE Junior Breeches LH28
  • Spartan Womens Breeches 24 x 2
  • Spartan Womens Breeches 30 x 2
  • Spartan Womens Breeches 32
  • Spartan Womens Breeches 34
  • Spartan Womens Breeches38
  • Team FIE Womens Breeches RH32
  • Team FIE Womens Breeches RH34
  • Apex FIE Womens Breeches RH28
  • Apex FIE Womens Breeches Long LH34
  • Spartan Mens Breeches 30
  • Spartan Mens Breeches 36 x 2
  • Phoenix Mens Breeches RH30
  • Team FIE Mens Breeches RH38
  • Team FIE Mens Breeches RH40
  • Team FIE Mens Breeches RH42 x 2
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches LH36
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches RH36
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches LH38
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches RH38
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches Long RH38 x 2
  • Apex FIE Mens Breeches RH40


  • Junior Advanced Gryptonite Glove RH6
  • Junior Advanced Gryptonite Glove LH6
  • Exoskin 800 Newton FIE Foil/Epee Glove RH7
  • Exoskin 800 Newton FIE Foil/Epee Glove RH9
  • Exoskin 800 Newton FIE Foil/Epee Glove RH9.5
  • Exoskin FIE 800Newton Sabre Glove Lightweight Cuff RH7.5
  • Exoskin FIE 800Newton Sabre Glove Classic Cuff RH 10


  • BF – FIE Epee Blade Medium Flex
  • BF – FIE Blue Epee Blade Flexibility Stiff