Training for Adults

We train everyone.

Adults, kids, experienced fencers and total beginners. Depending on which of these categories you fall into, we’ve got training options that’ll fit.

If you want to read us getting all philosophical about how we teach people, click here. If you want to chat to us about it, email or call Frances on 0421 460 713.

The bottom line: Our speciality, the thing we’ll stand up and say we do better than any other fencing club on Earth, is teaching adult beginners how to play the game for fun.

Training for Adults.

Depending on your goals and current experience, we have a pathway to get you from where you are to where you want to go. Look, we made a flow chart.

Getting started flow chart adults 2018.png

1. No sabre fencing experience

Never done fencing before? No problem! We can give you the skills to start enjoying the sport within your first hour of training.

Most of our fencers are adults who started their fencing training with us, with no prior experience. Not many people have fenced before, which is kind of what we’re here to fix. If you’re a total non-fencer, then you should come and give it a try with our Intro to Sabre class. After that, you should continue with our Courses.

Introductory class


The place to start! These two-hour small-group classes are completely hands-on. You will learn the basic skills and scoring rules, then by end of your first hour we’ll have you fencing matches in full electronic scoring gear. You’ll get plenty of coaching and assistance from your instructors and from members of our competitive teams, and you can do as many matches as you like. It’s an active and exciting class, so bring your sports gear, a water bottle and a camera.

Your session pass also includes entry for the rest of the day so you can test our your new skills and meet other club members, so we suggest you allow some time after the class for more matches: we close 10pm weeknights and 6pm Saturdays. You’re encouraged to get in some matches with our regular members, and you’ll get plenty of support and advice from our experienced players.


Fridays 7pm.

Class fee also includes unlimited matches until 10pm, so allow some time to play!

How much

See Pricing.



If you want to learn more after your intro, you should enrol for one of our courses. We run a series of 10-week courses designed to take you build your skills and confidence from complete beginner to experienced club-level fencer, and help you start to identify your own style and skill set.

They’re small-group sessions, with typical class sizes 5-10 people. We do the vast majority of our training in groups, as we find it’s much more fun that way. The training relationships you’ll build are as important as the skills you’ll learn.


New courses start every 10 weeks. Our full timetable can be found here.

We recognize that our fencers are busy people, and we’re extremely flexible with rescheduling sessions if you need. You’re very welcome to jump into any session of your course each week.

If you miss a week completely, you can catch up with a 30 minute private lesson with one of our instructors at no extra charge.

How much

See Pricing.

2. Some previous fencing experience

If you’ve fenced a bit before but are not sure what level you’re currently at, the best thing to do is book a private session with one of our instructors so we can assess what training options will suit you best. You’re very welcome to take multiple courses at the same time if you want to get up to speed seriously fast.

Email or call Frances on 0421 460 713.

3. Current competitive athlete

If you’re an experienced sabre fencer and want group training sessions, lessons, or just a place to bout, we can help. We run daily casual conditioning and technical sessions, bouting, and regular competitive squads. We also have instructors available for individual lessons. If you’re keen to represent the club at state, national or international level, we provide logistical and coaching support for regular tours to major events.

If you have your own equipment we have storage space available. Otherwise, electronic scoring equipment (body cords, mask wires, and sabres) is included with all of our passes, and you can hire protective gear (masks, gloves, and jackets) from us for a few dollars.

If you have any questions about any of this, you can reach us at, give Frances a call on 0421 460 713, or just drop in and talk to us whenever we’re open.