About Sydney Sabre Centre

We opened the new Sydney Sabre Centre in late 2022. It is a little bit smaller, a little bit nicer, and a lot more accessible (ultimately 24/7) than the old place.

The first Sydney Sabre Centre opened on 26 May 2012 at 112 Parramatta Road, Stanmore. Our facilities included 11 pistes, a gym, hire equipment for up to 40 people, storage for members’ equipment and bags, and an armoury-forge. We had a lounge with wi-fi to relax or get some work done between bouts. We were in the process of opening up a cafe and a bar; then COVID-19 hit.

We closed the Centre in September 2021 during the last Sydney lockdown; the landlord had decided it was time to demolish the building and redevelop as apartments. We moved lessons to outdoors, including on one of the metal competition pistes next to a community park, the armoury to a converted garage workshop, and the store online.