How we teach sabre

We want you to enjoy sabre.

Your style

Sabre fencing is an incredibly diverse sport. There’s no one body type, personality or technical style that works best: every fencer is different.

Our teaching approach is about helping you discover what works for you.

To do that, we start by introducing you to the full sabre repertoire through our courses:

  • Level 1: Fundamentals – Learn the basic movements, tactics and rules so you can start enjoying the sport
  • Level 2: Advanced Techniques  – Add to your repertoire with crucial elements of footwork and bladework
  • Level 3: Attack  – Build strong, confident attacks and lean to maintain control of the momentum and finish successfully
  • Level 4: Defence  – Find out how to break your opponent’s attack with distance and bladework techniques for the defence
  • Level 5: Tactics – Discover how to win control of the bout in a style that suits you.

You can take the courses at your own pace. The objective is not necessarily to have you fighting like a pro at the end of them, but to let you discover what skills and tactics work for you. Our instructors will help you build your own style, and teach you exercises to help master it.

If you want to compete, we have daily training sessions incorporating drills and bout practice, and you can also schedule private lessons to refine your skills.

You can read more about our training philosophy for adults or for kids on our blog.

Your training goals

How far you go in sabre is entirely up to you.

If you just want to come in and play the game for fun, you’ll always have company at the club during any of our daily training sessions. Our casual bouting and in-house tournaments are welcoming, laid-back and a great place to make friends. You’ll find fencers here from newbies who have only just started fencing to veterans with more medals than they know what to do with; all of whom will be happy to fence you.

If you want to head off into the competitive circuit, we’re can help you develop as an athlete. We have trained beginners off the street to ultimately compete at state, national, commonwealth and world events. We provide personalised support and guidance every step of the way, including regular competitive and development tours around Australia and beyond.

Talk to us about where you’d like to take your training, and we’ll work with you to make it happen.