Sydney Sabre’s 8th Iso-Birthday

Long long ago, in the Precedented Times, a bunch of nerds who liked to play a fun sword-fighting game somehow managed to convince a commercial landlord to lease them an unloved vacant office space on Parramatta Road so they could have a place to play sword-fighting game more often.

The doors opened to regular folk on May 26, 2012. Shockingly, people showed up.

Traditionally this anniversary was celebrated with the biggest local sabre tournament of the year, and maybe a party on the roof, but that was in the before time.

There is a legend, though, that in the cold dark days of June a glorious new era known as “Stage Two” will dawn. THE GYMS MAY OPEN, our overlords will declare, and the nerds will return once more to the fun sword-fighting game, because god knows we all need to hit something with a stick right now.

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