Oh worlds final attack screencap.png

Back in 2013 when we were just starting out, an acquaintance of ours in Korea sent us a (now sadly defunct) video link of a national tournament, in which some enormous fencer in unmarked gear was mauling the bejeesus out of Kim Junghwan.

“Who the heck is that?” we asked.
“He is high school student! But he is World Champion some day, I think. His name is Oh.”

The high school student then showed up at his debut senior world cup ranked 9999, came third, and we got teased for making a video about “another Korean flash in the pan”.

Here we are in 2019. That’s a big flash.

Well done, 오상욱. Keep it up.


And, because we love some gratuitous K-pop, we’ve made a new video to celebrate: