Whirling blade of death: Kim (KOR) v Ibragimov (RUS)

This week so far has been about Kamil Ibragimov being a terrifying implacable ice man, but he’s not invincible.  As is common for talented but relatively inexperienced fencers, his usual failure mode is to build a convincing lead before losing control of the match in the second half. It has, however, been rare in the last season for him to be seriously outgunned.

In the quarterfinals at the 2014 Coupe Acropolis, though, he was up against his polar opposite: Kim Junghwan running at full burn.

[gfycat data_id=”IllfatedHardtofindBluefish”]

Goof grief, what was that?

This is also pretty great:

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Chaos theory in action. Ibragimov’s response is priceless:

Best sabre reaction shot ever.
Best sabre reaction shot ever.

The full match is available on CyrusofChaos. Noisy bout is noisy: Kim, of course, is a famously rowdy fencer, but Ibragimov’s not exactly shy either.

Worth a watch.

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