Turning the tables: Ibragimov (RUS) v Gu (KOR)

We’ve previously noted that Gu Bongil has a cool party trick in his rather lovely 4m counterparry. We’re apparently not the only ones to have noticed. When he tried to deploy it against Kamil Ibragimov in their tense L16 bout in Padova last weekend, this is what happened:

[gfycat data_id=”ScrawnyGraveDinosaur”]

What an astonishing hit. That’s some Hollywood sword fighting, except not garbage.

The full match, a superb illustration of Ibragimov’s distance game at its very best, is on CyrusofChaos. The commentary from the US men’s sabre team on this one is particularly choice.

This is also the only video available of the bloodbath that was Kim v Hartung on the other side of the room, so it may even be worth watching twice.

Update: There was so much amazing stuff from Ibragimov, we made a video:

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