First Impressions: Fischl (USA) v Szilagyi (HUN)

I’ve been focusing a lot on the big names, for obvious reasons, but there’s some nice fencing out there from a lot more than the usual suspects. Today’s edition stars Andrew Fischl, who is probably best known as the guy who runs the CyrusofChaos fencing video channels (and is one of the most tireless promoters of the sport in the world).  He’s also an eminently respectable fencer: tall, with a good turn of speed and a pretty sophisticated tactical understanding of the game. Here he is in the USA v Hungary team match at the 2014 Moscow World Cup, towards the end  of a 9/3 run against Aron Szilagyi. No big deal:
[gfycat data_id=”FinishedMistyCygnet”]

Fischl went in to the match cautious of Szilagyi’s 4m game, aiming to draw him out of the centre. Having never faced Szilagyi before, he had the element of surprise in his favour and was, in his words, “looking to create a memorable first impression”. Right from the start of the bout he was looking relaxed and had some nice flow going:
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Note the footwork when the spool got in the way. Very smooth.

Unfortunately there’s no full video of this team match, but there’s just about all the other sabre in the world on CyrusofChaos so you’ll just have to make do with that. I can’t recommend this enough: this blog, and indeed Sydney Sabre, can trace their inspiration back here.

Thanks, Andrew, and nice fencing!

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