I like the way you move: Gu Bongil (KOR): Epic Sabre Compilation

This was inevitable, really.

Gu Bongil, World #1, is a sabre prodigy with the most extraordinary attack of any fencer on the circuit. His lunge leaves biomechanics experts speechless and his counterparries are terrifyingly fast, but almost every other element of his game is built around a hilariously incongruous clumsiness. Word has it he’s rather irritating to fence.

Here he is, in all his glory. As always, crank up the music.

I’ve broken it roughly into sections:

  1. Funny stuff
  2. Long attacks in the 4m zone
  3. Takeovers
  4. Counterattacks
  5. Counterparries
  6. 4m parries
  7. Marching attacks
  8. Attacks on prep and short attacks in the 4m zone
  9. Moar funny stuff
  10. War cries

Massive thanks to CyrusOfChaos and LeeKyuJin for video.


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