Applied Physics: Gu (KOR) v Szilagyi (HUN)

We’re going to be running with a bit of a Gu Bongil theme for the next few days. The 25 year old world #1 has a simple but devastatingly effective game which is built entirely around his one showstopper move: the most extraordinary advance lunge on earth. It’s most commonly seen in the 4m, but here it is being deployed on the march against Aron Szilagyi in the finals at Padova earlier this year:
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We’re dedicating quite a lot of thought at the moment to trying to figure out how the hell the biomechanics in this thing works. Hopefully will be able to provide a writeup at some stage in future. However, what is immediately obvious is
  1. Holy mother of god, does that kid have some range on him
  2. That is exhausting and/or painful to pull off, and by the end of the day at a big comp he must be running on the raggedy edge

The full match, courtesy of CyrusofChaos, illustrates point 2 perfectly. The big risk with Gu’s game is that at when he gets just a little bit too tired, he becomes totally ineffective. Failure is catastrophic.

For those who are interested in the technical aspect, we’ve already done a writeup on Gu’s advance lunge (mainly on the bladework) in the 4m zone.

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