Sabre – Sydney Sabre’s House Special

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One unit sword. And a good-looking one too. S2000 blade from Extreme Fencing and components from Dynamo Ukraine.

Please note that if you’re outside Sydney we will ship this to you disassembled.

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Want a sword? This is a sword. A beautiful one, too.

This is the weapon of choice of The Admin.

Are you a bad person who breaks a lot of blades, possibly because you’re like The Admin and enjoy stabbing? Want a sword where you won’t cry when you break a blade, but don’t to skimp on the components at the back end? This sword is for you. Basic blade, cool-looking package. Hey, these things are important.

Steel guard, rubber handle, 2-pin socket, S2000 blade – everything you need to train or fence for fun.

Please note that if you’re outside Sydney we will ship this to you disassembled, with instructions for how to put it together. You’ll need a 6mm Allen key and about one minute of time. We will trim and set the blade before it ships to our standard fitting, so let us know if you’d prefer something specific. If you’re in Sydney, you can either pick up in-store or we will deliver to you.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 120 × 15 × 20 cm

Left Handed, Right Handed

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