Flash – Reshetnikov (RUS) v Occhiuzzi (ITA)

Sorry for the extended absence! I’ve just come to the horrifying realization that the new season starts in 3 weeks, and I haven’t finished watching the fun stuff from last season yet.

On that note, here’s some hilarious footwork from Diego Occhiuzzi. Footwork, with one foot.

I’m almost sorry he didn’t pull that one off.

Theme of the match, though, was sparkling bladework exchanges.

Oooooh that’s pretty. And there was more of that kind of thing. Jeez, these two have fast hands.

In other news, Reshtnikov has been putting some work into his victory pose:

Full bout is here. There’s some high-grade drama from Occhiuzzi, including an impassioned appeal over a one-light hit. Superb value as always.