“Equipment works perfectly in all situations”

Disclaimer: This isn’t intended as a dig at any particular recent policy decisions by the FIE. I have always used 2-pin, as does most of my club.

I'm sorry, what?
I’m sorry, what?

But the phrasing of the announcement was hilarious, and reminded me of one of the greatest moments of the 2015 Madrid world cup.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: Equipment Working Perfectly in All Situations, such as 14/14 in a World Cup DE.

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This got a spectacular reaction from Hyokun Lee:

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After that little interlude, the last hit of the bout was also a complete debacle. The French were not impressed:

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My favourite part is Gu Bongil, unable to watch, hiding his face in his hands: on the left of the Korean team, sitting against the wall. Such concern.

There’s only partial video of the bout, but what we’ve got is here. Highly amusing.