Break step: Oh SU (KOR) v Occhiuzzi (ITA)

Just a quick one today:  have some lovely tempo breaks from Oh Sanguk, who seems to be channeling a bit of Won Wooyoung here:

[gfycat data_id=”PointedSnarlingGermanshorthairedpointer”]

And just for fun, have a bonus round:

[gfycat data_id=”TenderRealChinesecrocodilelizard”]

No, that isn’t Gu Bongil on meth, it’s his new protege Kim Junho, enjoying himself thoroughly.

These guys were having a good time at their first foray on the A-grade circuit, and seem to be blending elements of the Korean Big 4 into a really interesting new style. Let’s see if it can be as successful in its second deployment: We’ve got the next World Cup of 2015 coming up today in Warsaw, so hopefully will have some interesting things to report from there over the weekend. Personally I’d love to see lots of fun, exuberant, crazy sabre, and I’m quite hopeful that we will.

No live stream that we’re aware of, but live results will be going up here.

In the mean time, enjoy the amazing team bronze match between Italy and Korea in Padova:


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