Close, but no cigar: Apithy (FRA) v Montano (ITA)

Continuing our series of Fencers I Want To See More Of In 2015: Bolade Apithy. Regular readers will know I have a soft spot for quick, aggressive fencers with powerful attacks and startling defense, and Apithy fits this description perfectly. We know from history he can make World Cup finals, and I’d very much like to see him doing more of it.

He had a pretty good tournament in Warsaw last season. After demolishing Kim Junghwan in the 32 (seriously, he’s the only fencer who’s been able to kick Kim’s ass like that in a very long time), he moved on to face Aldo Montano. Unfortunately we only have video of the end of the match, but there was some cool stuff happening.

[gfycat data_id=”EmotionalGloriousIrishwolfhound”]

What an awesome parry! Damn! Way to go, Aldo!

Except there was just one thing wrong: look at where his feet were. Score one for Apithy, pretty well earned from that relentless march.

Full match is here, thanks to CyrusofChaos. Commentary track this time is largely left to the Italians:

And here’s Apithy v Kim, a masterpiece of distance work.

Let’s see some more of this on the weekend!

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