Just crazy enough to work: Limbach (GER) v Ibragimov (RUS)

Duck counterattacks.  They’re great. They’re the preserve of the quick, the flashy, the risk-taking.

The Won Wooyoungs of the world.

And this dude. Who is this dude?

Now quickly, off the top of your head, name the 3 fencers on the A-grade circuit least likely to pull off a duck counterattack.

Was this guy on your list?


Nicolas Limbach is many things. One of the most notable things is that he is at least 9 feet tall, all of it legs. The idea that he would successfully displace target downwards is so absurd that nobody could possibly be expected to take it seriously.


Now I’ve seen everything.

Anyway, I’ve finally got around to uploading the full Germany v Russia team semifinal from Kazan, which is actually one of the best matches of the tournament. Check it out.

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