Back and forth: Gu (KOR) v Limbach (GER)

I’m having a bit of a counterparry thing this week. Here’s a very stylish 4m trio out of the round of 32 at the Budapest world cup, one from Limbach, two from Gu, all of them single-light.

Limbach set the tone with with this emphatic maneuver:

[gfycat data_id=”FlatAggravatingEastrussiancoursinghounds”]

A couple of points later, Gu was like “Hey, that’s a good idea!” and rolled out his now-characteristic move.  It’s a trap:

[gfycat data_id=”RightVainCaterpillar”]

It went so perfectly the first time, he, he decided to do it again:

[gfycat data_id=”BiodegradableDelectableCrayfish”]

Over the match as a whole, Gu was overwhelmingly dominant in the 4m using exactly the kind of tactics we’ve come to know and love from him. He has the extraordinary ability to assess and adapt to his opponent while avoiding anything that looks remotely like prep, push his opponent into going faster and faster, and set up a string of almost casual parries off the line. It’s a well crafted routine that’s worked on Limbach before, and it worked again in Budapest.
The full match is here, ripped by me from the original live feed:

Gu got a bit of a vicious shank in the ribs at the end, but given his form for the rest of the day it clearly just made him angry enough to forget that Szilagyi was supposed to win.

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