Meanwhile in Australia: National Championships and a distinguished vistor

Sorry for the lack of updates! When I’m not writing this, I run a large sabre club in Sydney, and last week we had a rather exciting visitor:

master and apprentice

The gentlemen on the right is Hyokun Lee, the new head coach of the Korean men’s sabre team and the man responsible for unleashing this upon the world:

To say that the information gained in the past week has changed the way we think about sabre is to put it mildly, but we’re still trying to figure out how much is allowable for publication. Even if most of it isn’t, it’ll still be reflected in updates to the analysis we’re doing of matches, particularly in the technical aspects.

HKL DHK Lesson day 1

The reason Mr Lee was in town was to visit another one of his students, Donghwan Kim, who fences and coaches at our club. We all took a lovely road trip down to Canberra, a 3 hour drive during which many extraordinary things were learned about the history of Korean sabre, about which I will write later. We were visiting Canberra for the Australian National Fencing Championships. Here’s the final, which was a bit lacking in tension but had some nice sabre:

Hopefully I’ll have some more time to get back into some analytical stuff over the next few days. Then, the New York Grand Prix!

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