Get ’em while they’re down: Yakimenko (RUS) v Won (KOR)

The big table for the Budapest world cup is up, and we’re looking forward to some pretty interesting matches in about 12 hours’ time. One we’re pretty confident we’ll see is Won v Yakimenko in the 16. These two faced off at the same comp last year in the 32, and Won dominated the match with an unusually aggressive 4m game which took Yakimenko a bit by surprise. He wasn’t able to recover, but he took a bit of revenge a vicious marching attack right at the end:

[gfycat data_id=”MagnificentImpureCollardlizard”]

This is the brute-force approach to countertime.

Full match is here, thanks to CyrusofChaos:

The next round, of course, was the match of the year: Won v Szilagyi, a match of uspeakable magnificence. I liked it. We won’t get a repeat of that one this year unless it’s in the final, and that’s sadly unlikely to happen. As previously noted, predicting A-grade sabre is a mug’s game, but what the hell. It’ll be Szilagyi v Gu in the final. You heard it here first, folks.

4 thoughts on “Get ’em while they’re down: Yakimenko (RUS) v Won (KOR)

  1. He looked so good. Montano looked great too in is his L8 bout. It is a great time to be fencing and watching saber, the game is so much fun right now.

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