The Prodigy: The sabre game of Aron Szilagyi

Here’s the next in our series of compilation videos profiling the most exciting fencers on the FIE men’s sabre circuit and what makes them cool. Totally subjective, no particular technical analysis thrown in, just amazing stuff.

Here is the golden boy himself, reigning Olympic champion, world #3, most beloved by coaches and technical sabre buffs everywhere. He manages to combine both exquisite refinement and ferocious savagery into a single spectacular athlete. The bladework. the footwork, the distance.

As always, crank up the music.

It’s roughly divided into sections:

1. Holy mother of god, what was that?? How is that even a thing? That was set up, right?

2. Parries. So much parries. They looked like they might have hurt.

3. Counterattacks.  HOW DID HE DO THAT? 0_o

4. Marching attacks. Just give up, other guy, you’re not getting out of this one alive.


One thought on “The Prodigy: The sabre game of Aron Szilagyi

  1. Gorgeous. I love his marches, of course, but I am in awe of his set-piece parries off the line. One small step, and then an explosive 5-parry riposte. After scaring people with his speed he gets so many points with this action, and you know it’s planned because sometimes he does it when the person hasn’t even attacked and he has to play defense.


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