Party like it’s 2009: Lam (HKG) v Kim (KOR)

We haven’t seen very many draw cuts over the last year on the men’s A-grade sabre circuit, compared to the golden days of Nicholas Lopez and Won Wooyoung. They’re not that effective any more as a lot of fencers have started delaying the extension of the hand on the attack. This is kind of a shame, as they just have so much flash.

However, they’re still around. Here’s a very nice one from Antonio Lam in the semifinal of Asian Games. JungHwan Kim seems to be a good target for this sort of thing, as he does tend to extend his (incredibly long) arms very early in the attack, but he’s so freaking quick that the timing has to be absolutely dead on. And it is so here:

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Full match is available, albeit less shiny and high-definition than the very laggy and buggy bootleg official coverage:

…and just for the hell of it, here’s a bonus round: from Won Wooyoung, back in the good old days (2011). Won Wooyoung is the best. He just is. End of discussion.

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Sad thing is, I literally had to go back to 2012 to find an example of him using a draw cut to actually score, as opposed to set up. Oh well, what goes around comes around.

For a lovely video from CyrusofChaos on the grand era of draw cuts around the Beijing Olympics, check this out.


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