Nope, nope, nope? Chow (AUS) v Wilcock (AUS)

Friday fencing flamewar time! Keeping it local today for this week’s Impossible Ref Call  with a lovely slow-mo from Zak Henry.

From the poules at last weekend’s NSW State Championships, here’s Sydney Sabre’s John Chow v UNSW’s Adam Wilcock. We’ve had a bit of an internal debate at the club about this one. What’s your call?

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Back to A-grade tomorrow, I promise.

3 thoughts on “Nope, nope, nope? Chow (AUS) v Wilcock (AUS)

  1. I can’t see why there is much debate. En finale, attaque de gauche, touche, point. Yes, yes the foot came down before the arrival of the touch. Unfortunately for FoR, the contre-attaque , while arriving quite early came after the changeover had already occurred and FoR’s foot also landed before the arrival of the touch. At normal speed it would look and feel even more clear that FoL had succeeded in taking over and follows through.

  2. Probably an unpopular idea given the site, but finally attack right vs preparation or attack no (more the weird move of the guard to quarte/four than the foot) from the left.

    I’ll settle on preparation from the left, however. And I’m prepared to be slaughtered on that. 🙂

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