Hostile takeover: Montano (ITA) v Gu (KOR)

Friday fencing flamewar time! It’s Montano v Gu in the round of 32 at the 2014 Budapest Grand Prix. It’s a fascinating battle of age and guile versus youth and athleticism, and Montano has his young opponent pretty thoroughly outfoxed. There’s three or four brutally difficult referee calls in the match of which, I think, this one takes the cake:

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The  full match is here:

One thought on “Hostile takeover: Montano (ITA) v Gu (KOR)

  1. Looks like a horrible call at full speed (and from this angle), but look at the slow-mo about 8:10 in the video. Looks like Gu pulls his hand right back as he steps forward to take it up to me.

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