Much Ado About Nothing: Yakimenko (RUS) v Gu (KOR)

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for impossible ref call of the week!

We’re getting towards the end of a close semifinal at the 2014 World Champs in Kazan. Gu Bongil has done his habitual clawing back of a 4 point deficit at the break and the the lead has been bouncing back and forth. Both fencers are out of appeals and things are getting a mite tense.

Then this happens. What’s your call?
2014-10-10 Gu v Yakimenko attack wha ParchedBetterBabirusa

It being the semifinal, they’ve helpfully provided us with a slow mo, and a close up of Gu’s reaction. Anyone who can lip-read Korean, please get in touch, because I’m pretty sure this is something choice.

2014-10-10 Yakimenko v Gu reaction and replay WastefulClearHornbill

The whole match is available here, and it’s pretty damn great.

The plus side of this ridiculousness is that it goaded Gu into setting up what is one of the best hits of the tournament on the next point.I’ve already posted this before, but just look at it.

Gu Counterparry


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