Time for some thrilling heroics: Oh (KOR) v Mokretcov (KAZ)

I’ve been posting a lot of marching attacks. They’re spectacular, they’re exciting, and once the attacker has got their opponent on the backline they usually end pretty decisively.  A good march is a terrifying thing, and a fleeing defender will become become increasingly desperate and do some wild and crazy things to ward off their impending doom.

Every so often, they get away with it. It usually makes for good television when they do.

Here’s a prime example from Eunseok Oh at the 2014 World Championships, illustrating why he has a reputation as one of the flashiest fencers on the circuit.
2014-10-07 Oh v Mokretkov backline defense CheerfulDisfiguredEuropeanpolecat

The full match is here:

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