Week 7: Counterattack

Dear Instructor: Welcome to Week 7. This session covers the most conceptually simple but technically challenging move in Level 1: the Counterattack. Counterattacks are all moves by the Defender, without priority, to hit the Attacker without the Defender being hit, as per Rule 1 of Sabre. We classify counterattacks into two groups: Counterattacks complete the … More Week 7: Counterattack

Q&A: Direct, indirect, short measure, and long measure attacks

From a reader: “I bought the book and I really like the information and content.  There are some section I need some help  understanding.  Mainly on indirect attack, short arc and long arc.  When you attack indirectly, is short arc part of long arc?  Is it separate action choice?  What does it mean indirect attack?  … More Q&A: Direct, indirect, short measure, and long measure attacks

Week 6: Skitter

Dear Instructor: Welcome to Week 6. Your students should look authentic now: able to fight effectively and adapt to their opponent in the 4m zone, on the March, and on Defence, with textbook techniques for parries, disengages and sweeps. This class continues our exploration of moves and countermoves with a non-traditional move which they will … More Week 6: Skitter

Week 5: Defensive Sweeps

Dear Instructor: Welcome to Week 5. Last week, your students should have learned how to use disengages as Attackers on the March. Disengages are excellent techniques for finishing the attack; I usually advise students to replace direct attacks with disengages in all situations once they are comfortable with the latter. Disengages are a “hedged” move: … More Week 5: Defensive Sweeps