Sydney Sabre has gone into hibernation. We started preparing for this a month or so ago, when the first reports of COVID-19 escaping Wuhan hit the news. Initially, we hoped to be lucky – Australia is the lucky country – and catch the incoming cases as they were detected, like Taiwan or Singapore or Hong … More Waratah

No Excuses

Conversation with Veniamin Reshetnikov, 2013 World Champion: J: “So how was your flight?” V: “Not so bad. I fly a lot – Novosibirsk to Moscow every weekend, 4 hours flight, 4 hours time zone” J: “That’s insane.” V: “It’s not so bad. When I was small, we could not afford flight so had to go … More No Excuses

Women’s Squad Drills #1: Deception of Attack

Some notes from the womens’ sabre squad training session at Sydney Sabre on Wednesday 8/11/2017: Sabre is all about deception. The types of deception used are generally different for women’s sabre and men’s sabre. For men – and frankly, only the young guns before their joints start to go and their brains start working – … More Women’s Squad Drills #1: Deception of Attack