The Footwork

The result was that Won moved in ways that broke all the rules for how you were supposed to move and yet it all just worked. Dogma says you should keep your feet flat and stable on the ground; Won seemed to spend all his time on the balls of his feet, with his weight precariously forwards as if he was about to sprint. Dogma says fencers should keep their torso upright at all times; Won never did. Lunges should be short, advances small, feet kept waist-width apart — always. Won did none of these things, yet won anyway. … More The Footwork

The Break

Fencing was one of those curious niche sports where a mid-level government executive like me, playing in his spare time, could claw his way up the gateway competitions, pay his blood money to his national federation, then take his chances against the best fencers in the world who did this for a living. … More The Break


Sydney Sabre has gone into hibernation. We started preparing for this a month or so ago, when the first reports of COVID-19 escaping Wuhan hit the news. Initially, we hoped to be lucky – Australia is the lucky country – and catch the incoming cases as they were detected, like Taiwan or Singapore or Hong … More Waratah