No Excuses

Conversation with Veniamin Reshetnikov, 2013 World Champion: J: “So how was your flight?” V: “Not so bad. I fly a lot – Novosibirsk to Moscow every weekend, 4 hours flight, 4 hours time zone” J: “That’s insane.” V: “It’s not so bad. When I was small, we could not afford flight so had to go … More No Excuses

Women’s Squad Drills #1: Deception of Attack

Some notes from the womens’ sabre squad training session at Sydney Sabre on Wednesday 8/11/2017: Sabre is all about deception. The types of deception used are generally different for women’s sabre and men’s sabre. For men – and frankly, only the young guns before their joints start to go and their brains start working – … More Women’s Squad Drills #1: Deception of Attack

Quick one: Parry this!

Here’s a dirty little secret in sabre: no one hits straight. Everyone angulates. It’s like one of those mystic “wax on, wax off” journeys in sabre training, the one where your coach spends years getting you to hold your sabre properly, make light fast touches, and relax. Then one day, this happens: Check out that wrist … More Quick one: Parry this!