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Dynamic. Tactical. A lot of fun.

The fastest combat sport on Earth, sabre is a modern incarnation of competitive sword fighting.

It's a safe, lightning-quick, exhilarating and addictive workout like no other. Whatever your starting level and training goals, we're here to help you achieve your best.

All our sessions include full protective gear, supervision from our friendly team of professional instructors, as well as unlimited matches. If you've never fenced before, we'll have a sword in your hand in the first minute of your training, and have you in real bouts by the end of your first class.

We look forward to having you train with us!

What is sabre? We've made a quick video guide to the basics:



A facility dedicated to sabre fencing in the heart of Sydney

Sydney Sabre is the first and only facility in Australia dedicated to the sport of sabre fencing. Sydney Sabre is located in Stanmore, less than 6km from the Sydney CBD on Parramatta Road. The centre is a comfortable and welcoming place to train, with friendly professional instructors, modern safety and scoring gear, 11 permanent pistes, air conditioning and lounge with wifi.


Gift cards

We have a range of gift cards available in our online store which are also available as beautiful hard-copy certificates at the club.


Upcoming events

Beginner Tuesday 7:30 | Thursday 7:30 

Novice Monday 7:30pm | Friday 7:30 | Sunday 11:30am 

Intermediate Saturday 4:30pm

Advanced Monday 7:30pm 



Next up on our series in technical workshops for modern sabre, we're going to be looking at how to make your bladework as efficient as possible for fast, effective hits.

Material is technical but not advanced, so beginners are encouraged to attend: getting this stuff right from the start is a very good idea!

The session will be run by John Chow, chief instructor of Sydney Sabre and general massive nerd, who spent his summer watching slow-mo footage of blade actions with a world-champion fencer to figure out how the best players in the world make their hits so unstoppable.

Registration $50


Coming up in the September school holidays, our next Junior training camp with Frances Chow is running for five full days. You can book the whole thing or any part thereof.

Doors open daily 8:30am.


A friendly open competition for fencers of all levels. We'll be using multiplier-based handicaps to keep things interesting, and the winner gets their name engraved on a giant sword.

Entry is $25 for fencers, including gear hire, and free for spectators.



Our next graduation event is on October 8, for everyone finishing any of our current Stream B courses.

Spectator entry is free, so bring a cheer squad to back you up!

Round 6 of our Open tournament series is coming up on October 15!

Entry is open to everyone, so come along and challenge yourself. 


He's back!

We're delighted to announce that Olympian, World Champion, World Cup winner and 2017 European Champion Max Hartung will be returning to Sydney in January 2018 after his wildly successful 2017 visit. 

Max will be running a six-day training camp from January 2 to January 7, full of all sorts of awesome secrets from the German sabre program. Those of you who attended this year's event will already know that he's not only a beast of an athlete, but also a seriously good teacher. Those of you who missed out, well, here's your big chance.

Early bird registraion is $600 for six days, closing November 30. 

Material is advanced but entry is open to everyone, so challenge yourself. We are capping registrations to 30 participants, so make sure you book! 

Centre Location

Level 1
112-116 Parramatta Road,
Stanmore NSW 2048

(Upstairs from Pizza Hut)

Please note: We are NOT located at 112 Paramatta Road in Camperdown. We are at 112-116 Parramatta Road Stanmore, about 2km west, on the block between Bridge Road and Johnston Street.

Parking is available on our roof: entry is via Corunna Lane.