Sabre Blade, Carbon Steel – Dynamo Ukraine

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Carbon steel S2000 sabre blade from the Dynamo forge in Ukraine.

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Carbon steel sabre blade from the Dynamo forge in Ukraine. Light, crisp, and the best competition blade money could buy — until the FIE brought in the rule requiring maraging sabre blades in 2021.  Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to most competitions or to club training, so keep them in your arsenal for 99.9% of your fights. Full-sized 5 and S2000 stiffness.

Fun note: these blades are from the forge that got bombed in 2014 during the border war with Russia after it got marked on military maps as an “armaments factory.” Luckily they fixed it. This year, they had to move it from from the northern suburbs of Kyiv to the southern suburbs because the Russians were bombing it some more, with even less of an excuse than the first time. Then the Russians ran away again. The forge keeps rolling on.

Slava Ukraini.

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