Sabre Blade, Maraging Steel “Apex” – Leon Paul

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Maraging sabre blade from the Leon Paul forge in London.

If you must use a maraging blade, this one is our pick.

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Maraging sabre blade from the Leon Paul forge in London. As they say: “Made by the best, for the best.”

Actually, these are literally the best maraging sabre blades you buy. They’re not as good as the best carbon steel blades, but they are the best that you can make out of these nickel-steel alloys that the FIE mandates for their competitions for the blades’ superior breakage resistance (and commensurately high price point).

They also make a beautiful dinging noise like a tuning fork when you hit things with them.

As written by Leon Paul:

Forged in London, the Apex blade is the most responsive, longest-lasting, Sabre blade we have ever made.
NEW SAFETY RULES: Maraging Sabre blades will now be required for all FIE competitions from the 2020/21 season.

James Honeybone – Team GB Olympian
“The difference in performance and accuracy is unbelievable. After fencing with the Apex blade, I would never want to fence with any other Maraging Sabre blade again”


To get the level of consistency we wanted, we moved away from the grinding process that all other manufacturers used, and decided to mill the blades. Milling involves ultra high precision tools and computer control systems to cut metal away. We can get down to a level of accuracy never before seen in sabre blades and the variation between each Apex blade is less than 0.1mm across the profile. The result of this is that you can be confident that all the blades will feel the same, putting an end to the need to handpick your blade from a batch.

There is a misconception that Maraging blades are more expensive to use than cheaper carbon steel blades. Maraging blades are safer because they last on average five times longer than a carbon blade; the reduction in breakages means that they are five times less likely to cause serious injury. The increase in lifespan means that the blades cost about half the cost per hit of a standard blade.

Weight: 158g
Length: 88cm 34 5/8in

Balance point The balance point is measured from the forte of the blade
Balance Point: 22.5 cm 8 7/8 in

Additional information

Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 120 × 1.5 × 1.5 cm

Leon Paul

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