T-shirt, Sydney Sabre “Make the Cut”

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Sydney Sabre T-shirt; “Make the Cut” edition.



Sydney Sabre T-shirt; “Make the Cut” edition.

Come visit the finest fencing club in the Southern Hemisphere and quite possibly the world, run by nerds who like to fight with swords, and take home a souvenir T-shirt to prove it. Or just buy one online and tell people whatever you like.

These shirts are made from a light wicking fabric that vaporises your sweat and dries quickly once you’re done sweating. Works well for sports not involving swords. But they do burn up, so don’t wear one while welding copper or forging steel or casting bronze or smelting iron or frying chicken with large quantities of oil. We’ve done the experiment.

Bonus karma points if you wear one of these shirts while making the cut at an FIE tournament, especially if you do so against one of the A-grade fencers depicted on the shirt.

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Sydney Sabre

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