Leon Paul Equipment – discounted, ex-return

We have a range of discounted, as-new Leon Paul equipment for sale from our previous role as their agent and distributor in Australia. We still get random returns occasionally so this list is usually incomplete. Please contact us if you’re after something you see here or another specific item; we’ll go check the workshop.

All prices include GST and items are for pickup only by appointment from Sydney Sabre Centre in Drummoyne NSW, Australia.

Mask: X-change FIE Contour Sabre (Small) $400
Mask: X-change FIE Contour Epee (Black) (Small / Medium / Large)$350
Mask: X-change FIE Contour Epee (White) (Small)$400
Mask: X-change FIE Contour Epee (White) (X-Large) – Mask only, no bib$350
Mask: X-change FIE Traditional Epee (White) (Medium)$400
Mask: X-change FIE Traditional Foil (Black) (Large)$375
Mask: Horizon 350N Contour Black Foil (Small)$200
Mask: X-change FIE Contour Coach (Silver and Black) (Large)$350
Mask Part: X-change FIE Bib Epee (White)$80
Jacket: Apex FIE (Various Sizes – Please contact)$400
Jacket: Team FIE (Various Sizes – Please contact)$275
Breeches: Apex FIE (Various Sizes – Please contact)$250
Breeches: Team FIE (Various Sizes – Please contact)$190