The Sabre Codex 4.4: Stop Cuts from Line

Previously on Advanced, we’ve covered the use of checks and sweeps to set up stop cuts. The downside to these maneuvers is that an experienced attacker will usually wise up quite quickly, and will exploit the fact that these actions only pose a threat for a brief moment in time to either dance out of the way or finish into it before it has the chance to conclude in a strong defensive position.

This week, we are introducing a new set up for stop cuts: the point-in-line. Unlike check and sweep, point-in-line is both a potential precursor to a counterattack or parry and also an immediate and present threat which the attacker has no choice but to deal with before proceeding. This ability to force a response from the attacker can be used to create an opening as they extend their arm in an attempt to take the blade.

stop cut from line

In tonight’s class, we’ll be tuning up your point-in-line and using it as a preliminary to stop cuts to the attacker’s wrist, either with opposition or with evasion (also known as running away, or the legendary Won Woo Young Special).