The Sabre Codex 3.5: Undercuts

Welcome to week 5 of Intermediate! This course is all about the attack, and so far we’ve focused on feints: making a fake attack to one target to draw a defensive response, before finishing with a real attack to another target.

Today we cover what everyone has been waiting for – the undercuts, aka the Hartung Special, aka the Gu Bon Gil special, aka wear breeches for this class.


Over the past three weeks, we have covered the four main cutovers and disengages constituting the traditional set of feint attacks in sabre. If you recall, feint attacks are consist of a feint to an open target to potentially draw the parry, followed by a real cut to a second open target. Feint attacks are great when the Attacker is on the March because they, in theory, work against any combination of parry, null parry, and counterattack. Feint attacks are long range, have great success stats, and look cool.

So far, we have used targets which are clearly ‘open’ in the sense that they are exposed and not protected by the blade. However, there are two targets which are almost just as open but not so obvious – the inside and outside seams of the Defender’s leg leading to the underflank and underbelly. Because these targets aren’t obvious, and are usually blocked by their front leg, Defenders typically aren’t very confident when trying to defend against these zones. As a bonus (?) hitting to these targets usually occurs at very high impact speeds due to the long arcs required to get there from the feint, and in one case the blade trajectory is designed to use the inside seam of the Defender’s front leg as a blade guide to the target. We’ll let you think that one through.

No cameras please. Wear breeches.