The Sabre Codex 2.4: Low Line

low line

Previously on Novice, it’s been all about the lunge. Over the last three weeks, we’ve built your ability to make fast, powerful attacks from medium- to long-range, allowing you to close the gap and finish your attack with a direct hit even if your opponent makes a run for it. In week 4, we’re going to teach you a completely new trick: how to hit from low-line.

Low-line hits can be defined as anything starting from a position where your blade is below waist height. This leaves them with the obvious weakness of being slower and more difficult to execute: the path to target is longer, and getting there directly takes a fair bit of skill. Pull it off, though, and you dramatically reduce your vulnerability to defensive blade actions like beats and lockouts by essentially hiding your blade from your opponent. Coming from underneath also makes your hits more difficult to parry.

In tonight’s class, we’ll show you how to hit fast from low-line to the three main targets, and how to build low-line attacks in to the lunge sequences you’ve learned over the last three weeks. You’ll essentially double your attack repertoire in one session, and enter the wonderful realm of the sneaky trick-shots, and counterattacking you will get a whole lot harder.