The Sabre Codex 1.5: Counterattacks

Welcome to Beginner Week 5! Last week, we focused on timing, and how the acting at the perfect moment vastly adds to the effectiveness of both cuts and parries. This week, we’re going to use the same focus on timing to expand your repertoire to the dark side: hits without priority, or counterattacks.


The defense we’ve covered so far has been based on defeating the attack once it has actually been launched. But what about an opponent with priority who just gets way too close? The good news is that you don’t have to just politely wait for them to do their thing. Always remember that a lack of priority is not going to get in the way of you scoring a sweet point if your opponent doesn’t hit you.

In this week’s class, we’ll be showing you how to make counterattacks to two major targets, and then use your blade to “lock out” the attacker’s panicked attempt to finish and hit you. You’ll have to pick your moment carefully and be quick, sharp and precise with your bladework, but the payoff is oh-so-satisfying.