The Sabre Codex 0.5: Counterparries

Welcome to Footwork and Bladework Week 5! This week, we start transitioning from the basic attack actions that made up the previous 4 weeks to defensive actions. We start with the offensive-defensive counterparry and timing of check parry-riposte in the new defence distance brought on by the timing change to 180ms.

counterparry deep

Previously in Footwork and Bladework, we covered the cut drills to the main direct cut targets of head, flank and chest. The key skills that we have been practicing for the last four weeks have centred around safely entering the distance for the direct attack (aka the point-of-no-escape, or PONE) and finishing with a fast lunge/step/flunge with the cut hitting before the front foot lands for maximum impact speed. Last week we expanded on these skills with the bind and beat to clear the opponent’s blade so that we could enter the distance. We ended the basic attack series with the last variant of the ‘Rumanian Drills’ – shamelessly copied and adapted from the German sabre team – to practice entering distance safely and finishing to the open target vs. attempted (stationary) parry or counterattack.

This week, we start moving through the basic defence series. We start with preliminary tips and tricks for the coaches to successfully take parry against direct cuts by subtly moving in and out of defence distance, and retreating just as the student launches their direct cut. Feedback so far has ranged from “this is insanely close” to “I can’t believe that just worked”. Once the coaches are comfortable with executing parries at will, we will cover the common counter-parries to 4 and 3, with distance, and vs. the parry, the ‘null’ response, and the counterattack.