The Sabre Codex 0.4: Bind Attacks


We’ve spent the last few weeks refining the ability to hit deep and close targets, but that’s been largely predicated on the assumption that the target is open. This week, we’re going to look at how to deal with situations where the defender’s blade is in the way.
If your opponent is trying to disrupt your attack with a persistent blade in your face, you’re going to need to deal with that before you can make the final cut. A good approach to a relatively static and obvious presentation of the blade is the bind attack, also known as pris-de-fer. The objective with a bind is not to swat at the defender’s blade, but to remove it in a much more controlled way by quite literally pushing it aside.

countertime 2

We’ll be starting with the basic static actions to find and engage the defender’s blade, then building in movement to get you used to using it in the right distance. We’ll also be showing you how to convert a bind into a direct finish in the event that the defender successfully evades it and counterattacks, then building all of this into regular “Romanian” attack drill we stole from Max Hartung.