The Sabre Codex 4.3: Stop Cut

Previously in Advanced, we introduced the technique of ‘sweep’ as a defensive action used to clear an Attacker’s blade. Sweeps clear an entire plane in space of the Attacker’s blade, terminate in a parry position for safety, and can be chained together to trick the attacker into placing their blade in a position where you can hit it. Last week, we also introduced fake sweeps to efficiently fool the attacker into being vulnerable to beats and attacks-on-preparation. This combination of real and fake sweeps forms a potent defensive ‘wall’ which can be used to blunt most attackers.

The efficacy of sweeps is highly dependent on the threat of the attack-on-preparation to make the attacker present their blade (for the beat) or finish their attack (for the parry). With the new 180ms timing this threat has been greatly reduced. Attackers are now more able to launch attacks from close-range with wide arcs which are difficult to parry or avoid. Defenders must be able to combine both the threat of the attack-on-preparation and the protective parry to defeat such Attackers.

stop cut

This week, we introduce stop cuts to wrist with opposition as an additional defensive finish to the check or sweep. We cover stop cuts to each of the main wrist targets, the recommended opposition positions to block the attack, and how to safely absorb the impact of large/aggressive/heavy Attackers. As a bonus we will also over two flashy variants which are massively overused at the A-grade: “fade-away” under-wrist cuts, and “draw” or “skyhook” cuts.