The Sabre Codex 3.3: Cutover

This week, we’ll continuing our exploration of feint cuts with a new, more brutal cutover and an introduction to disengages.


Previously on Intermediate, we introduced feint attacks as a class of actions used to deceive a Defender into becoming more vulnerable to the cut by fooling them into parrying into the wrong line, freezing in place, or counterattacking out of distance. Good feint attacks are able to deal with any one of these three options.

In Week 2, we introduced the cutover as a sub-class of feint attacks where you avoid the anticipated parry over the tip of their blade. We covered the cutovers against parry 3 and 4 with emphasis on getting the right distance and arcs to handle parries and counterattacks in the same action – though many of you would have noticed that cutovers work better against parries than counterattacks.

In Week 3, we continue with feint attacks by moving onto head cut feints. There are two common variants: a feint head cutover to chest with a through cut (aka the barrel-roll, aka the bunderoll, aka the pain train); and the less painful feint disengage to underarm. On the surface these moves appear to be big slow actions, but we will go over the subtle details of what makes these moves work, particularly how they deal with counterattacks via either disengagement or bind, respectively.

There also some nasty angulation stuff we will cover on special request for disarming people who counter-attack too much. I dislike counter-attackers.