The Sabre Codex 2.3: Double Advance Lunge

Over the first two weeks of Novice, we’ve been working on building a fast lunge and accelerated advance lunge to allow you to quickly close distance and finish your attacks against an opponent at relatively close range. Tonight, we’re going to build some more range with an additional advance, allowing you to catch an opponent who is trying to flee.

advance lunge

Double advance lunge comes into play when the defender is trying so hard to get away that they’ve ended up off-balance. This represents both a bit of a challenge and a wonderful opportunity for the attacker. Your target is outside the range of your standard attack, but your opponent is also in a compromised position where they will struggle to mount an effective defense.

The good news is that this vulnerability allows you to luxury of an extra step without being at much risk of being hit with a counterattack. We’ll be working on how to make a relatively slow preparation step, allowing you to gauge the distance, then launch an accelerated finish with a direct hit to any of the main targets. Hunt them down.