The Sabre Codex 4.2: Fake Sweeps

Previously in Advanced, we introduced the technique of ‘sweep’ as a defensive action used to clear an Attacker’s blade. If you recall, sweeps clear an entire plane in space of the Attacker’s blade and can be chained together to trick the Attacker into placing their blade in a position where you can hit it, and regain priority. Yet Attackers with superior bladework skills can still avoid multiple ‘real’ sweeps during a bout.But why use real sweeps when a fake one will do?

low sweep editThis week, we cover the use of fake sweeps to draw the Attacker into a predetermined line for either a real sweep or a counter-attack. We go through the setup for the situation with real sweeps which give the Attacker your rhythm so they get used to avoiding your blade and coincidentally reveal how they tend to react to your sweeps. We then explore the use of truncated, fake sweeps which are much faster than your real ones to break up your rhythm and get the Attacker’s blade into a predicted location. Then, depending the line, we either make a real sweep to regain priority or use attacks-on-preparation with opposition to win the point.