The Sabre Codex 2.2: Advance Lunge

Welcome to week 2 of Novice! Novice comprises weeks 11 to 20 of the Sydney Sabre syllabus and covers the basic techniques in sabre with an emphasis on distance and blade control.

Last week week, we revised the lunge, a simple short-range attack which lets you hit your opponent quickly. In practice, though, it’s rare that you can hit with lunge alone. On most attacks, you will be starting outside your lunge range. You’ll need to get in to the correct distance to launch, and you’ll need to do it without getting hit by a sneaky counterattack. The fastest way to do this is with the most common attack action in sabre: the advance lunge.

advance lunge 2

In this class, we’re going to be building an advance lunge with powerful acceleration. Advance lunge is a compound action which should start relatively slow, allowing you to recognise the correct time and range to launch a high-speed finish. Once you’re comfortable with the basics, we’ll show you how to adjust the speed and range of your attack, starting with short fast actions which will let you successfully hit against a counterattack, and then extending to longer but higher-risk extended lunges which will allow you to catch an opponent who bolts at the last moment.