The Sabre Codex 0.1: Direct Cut

Due to popular demand, we’re going to post a short guide to the technical theme of each of our courses. We’re also doing the same for our updated Footwork and Bladework sessions, which now run on a 10-week cycle with a different focus every week.

We’re starting off the cycle with the most basic attack action of them all: the direct cut. A good cut is made with the tip of the blade moving in the shortest possible arc to the target. At the correct distance, aka the “point of no escape”, a good direct cut is impossible to parry or evade. A large part of sabre fencing is all about getting to that point and executing the attack.

Footwork 1 direct cut edit

This week’s Footwork and Bladework session is all about the direct attack. We start with footwork drills on how to track distance and make fast attacks that accelerate very suddenly to the finish. Come ready to push yourself, because the sessions are going to be short, intense, and with weapon in hand to train up your coordination. Then we move onto drills aimed at helping you recognise the point-of-no-escape, work out the correct cut trajectory, and execute the cut.

Footwork and Bladework is open to all of our fencers, and runs before daily scheduled classes. It’s included with any of our session passes or memberships.