The Sabre Codex 2.1: Lunge

Novice 1: Lunge

Novice comprises weeks 11 to 20 of the Sydney Sabre syllabus and covers the basic techniques in sabre with an emphasis on distance and blade control.

We start the course with a revision of the lunge – the fastest short-range attack move in sabre. Contrary to popular belief, the main purpose of the lunge is to enable you to hit your opponent as quickly as possible, once you are within range. It is the fundamental unit of attack in most schools of sabre and forms part of other, longer range attack moves such as the advance lunge.

In this class, we cover the three (3) main types of lunge, each with a different purpose. We start with your grandpa’s ‘traditional’ lunge which we use as a training lunge to check whether you are doing everything properly in terms of hit distance, back leg extension, and hit timing. Once those are settled, we move to the ‘regular’ lunge that you will actually use in bouts with some technique variations to stop your joints from blowing out due to impact forces.

For the adventurous, we also cover the extended variant of the regular lunge to increase hit range after launch – the move we like to call “the Gu Bon Gil Special”. We will also teach you a particular variant that we stole shamelessly from certain A-grade teams where you use the back leg as a spring to store linear kinetic energy for the recovery. Special requests only, and at your own risk!

Novice is open to everyone who has completed our 10-week Beginner Course, and is included with any daily session pass or annual membership.