Bar Fight: Kim (KOR) v Montano (ITA)

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time for this week’s Impossible Refereeing Call.

This one’s a beauty.

Here’s the setup: It’s 14-14. Aldo Montano on the left, Junghwan Kim on the right. It’s been an incredibly tense bout, both fencers out of video appeals in the first half. Screaming, posturing, drama, guard punches and general excess of testosterone all around. Very unkind words have been spoken by the Italian coach regarding the referee, Kim, and various theological figures.  Kim is well aware that if he gets this point, he is world #1.

Then this happens:

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Anyway, the call was upheld on the video (automatic at 14-14).

For those who are keen to brush up their Italian obscenities, the full video is here, complete with the usual excellent deadpan commentary from Andrew Fischl.

It’s this sort of match that makes one feel referees should get a bodyguard, or at least a taser.

4 thoughts on “Bar Fight: Kim (KOR) v Montano (ITA)

  1. It looks like a pretty straightforward riposte composee to me. I can see where Montano is coming from, but I think his protest is generated by emotion at losing the bout rather than any genuine sense that he should have got the point.

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